Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fashion Don'ts Round 2

I'm sure this has happened to everyone at one point or another, but YOU FEEL THE DRAFT! You get up and pull up your pants (that you're wearing with a belt). Oh yeah, everyone reading bras that FIT please!!!

I've told you and I'm telling you again...not everyone can wear corsets. Wait...not everyone SHOULD wear corsets...especially like this! It doesn't fit properly, that Pepto pink t-shirt is hideous, and then she has like a studded belt too. OMG!

Here we are again with the pants sagging when we sit. I'm sure she didn't feel the draft cuz her big ass granny panties handled that business. And her tag is sticking out! People!

I'm okay with leggings like these, but really they were only cool when Gwen Stefani wore white ones on her L.A.M.B. tour. These just make her look like she has a horrible tan or something, and with sandals...Bad news!

How these boots became so mainstream is beyond me! You can find Uggs in EVERY color, and even the cheap ones come in like zebra print and shit. I dunno what print these are, but they're super ugly! And the girl in front of her is wearing some too! The pink leggings and short sweatshirt should ONLY have been worn at home, period! No one over a size 4 should wear leggings with out something to cover their butt. Remember that.Okay ALL of these people are having fashion issues, but from what I can see, the one in the jeans is having the worst day of her life. We ALL know what that looks like coming out of her pants. We KNOW! I'm just going to say its her Christmas list and move on...

Ahhhhh faaaaaack me! What is this Legally Blonde in Arkansas? This is soooo wrong on so many levels. I hope this girl doesn't have any friends, cuz if she does, they are the worst friends anyone could have for letting her, not only walk out the door like that, but BUY all that shitty pink stuff!

FUR = BAD!!!! And so are cheap looking faux suede boots. Believe me, you can find a happy medium between not wearing real and finding fake that looks real. This girl doesn't know that.

Whats with the effing PINK? Ladies, just so you know, just because you wear pink it isn't going to make you look like a cute little college gal. Especially if you wear it like this. I don't even know what's going on with that crease looking thing on her lower back! Those tops should all be burned.

If you know me, you already know that bad extensions are a big pet peeve of mine. Seriously, I've seen clip-in extensions that look better than this. The ONLY thing I want to think happened here was that she got the hair put in and had an emergency and had to leave the salon partially done. But STILL...put your hair up in a knot or something so that shit isn't hanging down. Really...even if there was a death in the family, I'd take the second to remember that my hair isn't finished and looks like crap. Those poor boots! Man! Let me just tell you all right now, if you have thick calves, DO NOT wear boots that go mid-calf! All it does is make you look like Miss Piggy. Especially don't wear boots that are suppose to be loose and fit YOU tight! Lastly...know how to walk in a heel before you go out in them. Thanks!

Horrid! What are people thinking when they MAKE this kinda crap? "I'm sure there are pot heads out there that will think these are the greatest thing since Soyreezo"? And the green shirt with them. Go home and grab your bong, save the public the misery.

Yea, I know little girls all over wear these gawd-awful socks all the time. It doesn't make it right though, does it? Especially when it's NOT a little girl, and its some chick out shopping for paper towels. Colorful = Clown!!! And we all know, no one likes clowns.

Can you imagine how uncomfortable that must be? Like just imagine sitting down. I can't even bare it...they must have cut off the blood flow to that area and she just can't feel anything anymore. So what's the excuse for her crop top? Man, she's just a MESS...with her Coach bag. Ha!

Okay what do you think the girl in black is thinking right now? "I'm glad I'm drinking water tonight otherwise I'd leave here with one less friend?" Oh wait, that's what I would be thinking. At least someone is thinking, cuz we know ginger in the gray WASN'T thinking when she got dressed for the party. That looks like it coulda been a cute outfit too.

I saved the BEST for last! Did her feet grow in like and hour? How could she have put these on and felt like they fit proper? Those are cute shoes too! Never mind her desperate need for a pedicure...or at least a touch up, dang! I don't ever want to see my friends wearing shoes like this...i'll stomp on your toes!

Had fun!!! Til next time!