Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Makeup Tutorials:The Basics

Right! I've posted a few really good tutorials, but they've mostly been kinda retro-y and they may not be up to every ones taste. Today I thought I would post a few (by my favorite makeup gals PixiWoo) that are basic and may be of interest to a wider crowd, yeah?

Despite whether you wear makeup on a regular basis or not, these are some things that you should know because 1. all women should know something about professional makeup basics and 2. at some point in your life you are going to want to wear something other than lip balm and mascara! Or at least I should hope so! So here we go...watch, pay attention, re-watch, and learn!!!

BRUSHES: Everyone should have a nice set of basic brushes. Never use the crap that comes with your cosmetics (if you buy from a drug store or Target or whatever). You can find a great mini set at a Sephora or run to a counter and ask an artist for assistance.

FOUNDATION APPLICATION: Unless you know what you are doing with a foundation, I HIGHLY recommend going to a counter and having a professional help you pick your shade. I can't tell you how annoying it is when you see girls with the wrong shade, especially in photos. You foundation matters not only in real time, but also in photos Facebookers!!!

LIQUID LINER: Liquid is a bit difficult and takes practice. I prefer cream liner and using liquid after I apply false lashes to cover the bit of glue. Also to help make the ends a bit pointier. Very important!

CLASSIC SMOKEY EYE: Remember it's always better to wear a very light lip when you have a smokey eye, or just a gloss.

FULLER LIPS: The proper way to make your lips appear fuller. I can't tell you how disgusting girls look when they wear their lipstick off their lips so it appears they have larger lips. Example porn chicks! Blech!!!

CONTOURING: Just a little something extra for those of you that are daring. When learning how to do makeup, despite my artist background, I always found it a little difficult to contour. After loads of practice, I use it quite a bit...especially when I wear smokey eyes and light lips. Here we are!

Before I go...I would like to thank Sam & Nic for helping women all over the world, including myself. It's a joy to watch you AND to listen to your cute little accents. *wink*

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Frau Beckham & My Brows

I received an email this morning from my dear sweet friend, Selina "Check out the German Vogue with Victoria Beckham on the cover, SHE IS YOUR TWIN!!!! ". So natch I had to check it out...I LOVE Vicki B.! I'm guessing Selina My Love was referring to the brows. She does seem to be channeling her inner Courtney...although I couldn't begin to compare.

Anyway, I guess I'm going to have to run out to BNN (Barnes N Noble) and check out this issue. And maybe even pick up a pair of extra large hoops, I'm loving that! Although my lobes are stretched, I'll occasionally wear hoops through them. I'm missing my large ones, so its a good excuse to hit the mall. *wink*

Monday, April 19, 2010

Cat Eye Sunglasses

So apparently, while doing my usual fashion research, I found that cat eye sunglasses are the latest rage in high fashion this season. Now, being a self proclaimed retro girl I've always loved them, but they were always so hard to find. Unless of course you bought those corny super pointy ones with the plastic crystal thingys on the ends. Those were always way too over the top for me.

I usually don't spend an arm and a leg for my (as I call them) "sunshades", because I always end up scratching them or breaking them. I dunno about some of you, but I don't have an extra $250 laying around each time I sit on my purse. And yes, I could use a case, but they're so HUGE now days and really, the little fabric ones are totally pointless. So I stick with cheapies. After looking at some of whats out there now, I dunno, I may invest and actually try to take care of them! Lets take a look at all the pretty (modernized) cat eye sunshades that are out there right now, shall we?


ALDO $12


CHLOE $295




GUCCI $285





Friday, April 16, 2010

My Bangs!

So my last post was about clip-on bangs and I said I would post a photo of me with my bangs, so that's what I'm going to do.

First, I want to say that I really like them, but unfortunately my hair color faded and they don't quite match anymore. Blah! Another thing is that they feel thick, but they lay very flat. Being human hair there is probably something I can do about it, if I play with them some more (or stop flat ironing them! ha!) Everyone loved them and couldn't believe they were clip-on when I told them. I may have just started a rage! Hahaha!!!

I plan on keeping my bangs and coloring my hair so I can wear them more often. It makes doing my hair soooo much easier on a lazy day. A lazy hair-do was a pomp-pony, NOW I don't have to worry about getting my perfect pomp anymore, I just clip on the bangs and I'm ready to go!!! I love that I can wear them higher for a shorter bang (as in some of the pics) and lower for a longer bang (which I prefer and in a couple other shots). HAPPY BANGING!!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


BANGS...I love them on everyone else but me! Everytime I see a girl with cute bangs I get that impulse to cut some, and if I do...I always regret it. I'm just not a bangs kinda gal.

To the left is a photo of me from awhile ago with bangs. I think that was my best 'bangs day' ever (but not the best photo, sorry), all the rest sucked! My hair grows pretty fast, but growing out bangs can be torturous. I had them for soooo much longer then I wanted because I couldn't let them grow, they were too annoying so I'd end up trimming them again. Finally I started trimming them asymmetrical so they would grow into side swept bangs, which worked AFTER a long growing out period that made me look like I had a mullet. If any of you have gone through this, read on.

Despite all of that, I still get the itch to cut them, but DO NOT allow myself to. So I found a fun alternative that I'm going to share with you...clip-on faux bangs! I know, I know it sounds hokey...my boyfriend thought it was a lame idea and it was going to look horrible. Well...he was oh so wrong!!! If you buy the right products and (if you aren't a stylist) get the right person to trim them for you, they look fantastic!!!

I purchased The Bang Thing by The Sassy Collection at Sally Beauty Supply for like $25. They come in a bunch of colors and are made of human hair, so you can wash them and flat iron them or whatever you want. I found other brands online (Jessica Simpson, Easi Bangs, & Hairdo), so there are more out there, but I could only find the Sassy ones.

This is the photo I took of my package. I was going to shoot before and after shots of me without and with bangs, but my camera battery died before I could. I'll post some some other time.
This is what the original product looks like (click to view larger). When you flip it over you see the 3 clips to attach to to your hair. This lady is obviously using it as is and to the side, but I chose to wear it in front and to trim them up quite a bit. The link below has a little more info on clip-on bangs. http://hairextensions.com/clip_in_bangs.html

Below are photos of (model/makeup artist) Micheline Pitt with her clip-in bangs. Look how fantastic and real they look! If you want to try the bangs and are having trouble figuring them out, you can find quite a few tutorials on http://www.youtube.com/