Friday, July 9, 2010

Doll Eyes

Recently I was listening to KROQ and Kevin & Bean were talking about this new fad that kids are into, doll eyes contact lenses. In a scene in Lady Gaga's video for "Bad Romance" she has CG (computer generated) anime looking eyes, and now kids in Japan and Korea are buying what are called "circle lenses" to make their irises appear larger.

Today I was on YouTube and came across this cute little Asian girls tutorial on how to get the "Bad Romance" look using these circle lenses, on her makeup channel. It's actually quite interesting how they do make your eyes look bigger, but really, it isn't by much. The makeup is what actually does most of the trick. Anyway, I was looking up these lenses and found article after article on this girl (Michelle Phan) and her video and how horrible these lenses are for your optical health. Of course the media is blaming Lady Gaga for starting a potentially dangerous fad with "our kids". Whatever! The more I read about these illegal contacts the more I realized that they aren't anymore unsafe than regular cosmetic lenses. Of course, you should get your contacts from an eye doctor so they fit properly to avoid problems, but if you are using them for a costume and you are safe, there really shouldn't be a problem (in my opinion). The reason for all the hoopla is because a 14 year old girl wore them and contracted an infection and eventually had to have a corneal transplant from the damage. It's only common sense that children shouldn't be wearing these and they shouldn't be worn on adults for more than a few hours. Keep in mind though, despite being able to purchase these lenses, they are not approved by the FDA and considered illegal. That's my disclaimer.

All the negative stuff aside, I think they are pretty cool. If anyone is interested in purchasing a pair, it's very hard to find them online now. I found two websites (one didn't work) and that was it. Below are two videos, Michelle Phan's makeup tutorial and Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". Take a look and see what you think. Potential Halloween costume?


  1. It's so okay for to wear contact lenses, but be sure to seek your optometrist first, before wearing one. My sister is such a fan of these lenses, because she used to have smaller eyes. But later on, she had a blepharoplasty surgery to make her eyes look bigger, without the use of a contact lens.

  2. Correction: Circle Lenses was huge in Japan, Korea, and China way before Lady Gaga became a somebody. It was only brought to the attention of Americans after Lady Gaga's Bad Romance.

    You should totally drop by a Japanese book store and check out their female magazines if you're interested in knowing more. These magazines have been popular in Asia and around the world for decades. Look for the ones that demonstrate makeup w/ circle lenses. The mags are full of colorful pictures that basically shows you step by step how to do your makeup and how to dress in style.

  3. pink paradise is where you can buy them..