Fashion Therapy is a place where I can use my experience and knowledge to help people with any fashion questions or dilemmas they may have, give them new information, and at the same time, get all my fashion browsing out without spending a dime. While offering "fashion therapy", this blog is also therapy for this self proclaimed shopaholic. Who better to get advice from, right?

Fashion Therapy is a mishmash of current mall trends, boutique fashion, high fashion, beauty, and a bit of my dry humor thrown in.

Topics I cover:
Latest Trends
Discount Shopping
Celebrity Fashion
Product Reviews
Fashion Do's & Don'ts
Specialty Shopping
Fashion Events
Holiday Fashion & Gift Ideas
New Product Information
Vacation Fashion
Scene Looks & Events

...and whatever else comes out of my crazy little head.


I grew up in Southern California. Fashion and art are my true passions. I attended the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. I've owned fashion consulting business, which I gave up to work as an editorial fashion stylist & art director. I am a certified makeup artist. I found blogging and it's like finding a new religion! I love combining my creativity through fashion, writing, and photography.

Growing up I wore either vintage clothing or high fashion. My favorite designers to wear as a kid were always Betsy Johnson and Christian Dior. To this day I still have fashion magazines from the 80's with my favorite models, Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangalista gracing the covers. I was always wrapped up in fashion and art since day one. I'm also an animal rights activist, I have a rescued Dachshund that is my LIFE (I love you Oliver), Im a vegetarian, I have a strong spiritual faith and I love everything about the 40s era. When Im not working on PISTOL Magazine, I enjoy thrift store shopping, flea markets, reading, blogging, playing with my dog, and catching up with my friends. I love going to custom/hot rod car shows, art exhibits and to concerts. 

So...I guess that's really all you need to know for now.