Friday, December 18, 2009

Sotheby's Holiday Party - Fashion DO!

Last night was our office party (at Tomer's gorgeously decorated home in Calabasas) and it was a BLAST! I love all of the people I work with and work jealous!
So...I took a photo of someone at the party that was a DEFINITE fashion DON'T, and that was going to be my "day after" blog. It's the holidays and despite my honest nature, I figured it would be MUCH better to show off alllll the "fashion DO's" in the office. Unfortunately I don't have pics of every one of them, but this will give you an idea of what fashionable people I work with...and some are exceptional fashionistas!

* exceptional fashionistas: Patte & Dana

* Sarah and Constance

* Melinda, Barbara, Jill, Sue, Karen, Patte, & Isidora

* my 2 loves: Dana & Isidora

* "The Gang" ...and some randoms. LOL!

The gorgeous Lee Women: Jessica & Karen

* nice ass in the background! REAL classy ladies! And at a work function no less!

* Selina my love & Karen

*all photos stolen from Patte Gilbert's Facebook. Thanks Patte! Maybe NOW you'll read my blog.


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