Friday, December 11, 2009

Winter Beauty Tips


Red lips, in my opinion are always in, but so many of you think you can't wear them! I'm here to tell you that you can! If you want to try red lips, start out light and work your way darker (if you choose). Keep in mind, red isn't just one color...there are many hues of red as well. You can try tomato to crimson to burgundy - matte to lip gloss. Below are photos of me (geek!) and a few of my many shades. YAY! So throw on a cute coat and scarf, your favorite pair of boots and some red lipstick and head out to your holiday party! Note: I prefer to wear red with light eye makeup.


I love a messy up-do in winter. This is the time of year that not only do I wash my hair less, but there are many events I find myself dressing up for. To be honest, I'm so not a hair person. Its a rare day that my hair looks like I just walked out of a salon. So messy hair-do's are my specialty. I find that if my makeup looks great, my shitty hairstyle looks like it was suppose to be that way. In my last post I mentioned all the cute jeweled hair clips out right now...sooooo perfect for pulling together the messy up-do!

These may not be 'messy', but they are an easy "throw together" look. Those of you that know me, know that I'm big (no pun intended) on bouffant back combing. Ratting up a big "pomp" (pompadour) and then trowing on a super cute head band or comb makes holiday/winter hair quick and easy!

I also love the "cat eye" look. Thick lines to thin are perfect for anytime you'd like a bit of a retro look. I must admit, if you haven't done them before, they do take practice, as you MUST have each side balance and your ends must come to a sharp point. You can try a really sharp pencil, a liquid liner, or creme liner and a brush (I use all three).

Note: email me for tips on any of these!

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