Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Makeup Tutorials:The Basics

Right! I've posted a few really good tutorials, but they've mostly been kinda retro-y and they may not be up to every ones taste. Today I thought I would post a few (by my favorite makeup gals PixiWoo) that are basic and may be of interest to a wider crowd, yeah?

Despite whether you wear makeup on a regular basis or not, these are some things that you should know because 1. all women should know something about professional makeup basics and 2. at some point in your life you are going to want to wear something other than lip balm and mascara! Or at least I should hope so! So here we go...watch, pay attention, re-watch, and learn!!!

BRUSHES: Everyone should have a nice set of basic brushes. Never use the crap that comes with your cosmetics (if you buy from a drug store or Target or whatever). You can find a great mini set at a Sephora or run to a counter and ask an artist for assistance.

FOUNDATION APPLICATION: Unless you know what you are doing with a foundation, I HIGHLY recommend going to a counter and having a professional help you pick your shade. I can't tell you how annoying it is when you see girls with the wrong shade, especially in photos. You foundation matters not only in real time, but also in photos Facebookers!!!

LIQUID LINER: Liquid is a bit difficult and takes practice. I prefer cream liner and using liquid after I apply false lashes to cover the bit of glue. Also to help make the ends a bit pointier. Very important!

CLASSIC SMOKEY EYE: Remember it's always better to wear a very light lip when you have a smokey eye, or just a gloss.

FULLER LIPS: The proper way to make your lips appear fuller. I can't tell you how disgusting girls look when they wear their lipstick off their lips so it appears they have larger lips. Example porn chicks! Blech!!!

CONTOURING: Just a little something extra for those of you that are daring. When learning how to do makeup, despite my artist background, I always found it a little difficult to contour. After loads of practice, I use it quite a bit...especially when I wear smokey eyes and light lips. Here we are!

Before I go...I would like to thank Sam & Nic for helping women all over the world, including myself. It's a joy to watch you AND to listen to your cute little accents. *wink*

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