Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gwen Stefani Pt. 2: L.A.M.B. Fall 2010

Another year of Prêt à Porter and another line of beautiful fashion from the gorgeous Gwen Stefani. We already know that I am a HUGE fan of hers, and that I follow everything she does like white on rice. I'm not always completely into her looks, but she's ALWAYS on the right track for me. There's always something that I would pull off each model and put together as my own. Her shoes are always fantastic as well. Just look around at how often they are copied!

This line, as you will see, is a culmination of everything that is her. She usually focuses on the same eras and themes, but always pulls something completely different out of her hat. This line is Hollywood glamour, 30's boudoir, military, futuristic inspired. How can all of that be put together cohesively to create a beautifully creative line? Just look!

Here is a video of the runway show and Gwen explaining her line...

I thought I'd add a little about the hair and makeup from the runway show. I'm not particularly keen on her choice of a "30's prostitute" look...these girls look a little rough to me and the hair wasn't done so well, but all in all, its okay. So, here we go...

MAC @ L.A.M.B.
Charlotte Tilbury describes the look at L.A.M.B. as, “The feeling was 1930s prostitute–trampy, smoky eye, deep “rougeoir” lips and beautiful pale skin.”

Makeup How-to
Eyes: Eye Kohl in Smolder and Fluidline in Blacktrack – blended and smudged around and into the eyelid for a feline-shaped eye. Lip Treatment – dabbed on eyelid over eye kohl for a wet look effect
Face: Face and Body Foundation – Applied all over face to give pale, doll-like skin.
Lip: Lipmix in Crimson (PRO only) and Burgundy – Blended together and applied to the lip. Lip Pencil in Burgundy – applied around the lip to give an over-drawn shape to the mouth.

c'est magnifique

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