Monday, May 10, 2010

New Fashion Websites For You

Searching around on the web led me to a couple of sites that have great clothes and really good prices. The first is Need Supply Co. from Virginia. The clothing and prices are along the lines of Urban Outfitters and Mod Cloth. What I like is that it's a little less "bohemian" and a little more fashionable rather than too "cutesy". They also carry mens' clothing! Woo!!!!! So here are a few things I picked off the site that I really liked....

Need Supply Co.

The second site I want to share with you is Nasty Gal (I love this website!), it's a little 80's & kinda mod and offers both new and vintage items. Like Need Supply, Nasty Gal carries Jeffrey Campbell shoes (my new and latest love). Here is a bit of what I chose from the site.

Nasty Gal

The clothing on this site are soooo me! I am afraid that when I get paid next, I will be sending most of it to Nasty Gal! haha! Here are a few other sites I found:

Happy shopping girls!!! xoxo


  1. oooh I love all the outfits I am so going to check these websites out, Thx chica!

  2. i love the clothes!!!! now im on a online shopping spree :)

  3. I also just came across an awesome site called cheaper than nastygal and same style clothes plus they have apartment gifts like urban outfitters

  4. An interesting fashion website.

  5. Check out its got cool party dresses