Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Faces

Hello my loves! This is a spot on makeup for the summer. If you are out in the sun quite a bit, you know how difficult it is to keep your makeup from melting. Some of you goddesses out there who are able to summer without a stitch of makeup, cheers to you, but if you are a real woman like myself (dark circles and freckles and all), you wear at least a bit even to the beach!

I personally wear a moisturizer and an SPF every single day under my makeup. If you do not, get into the habit. Remember that the lowest number you should wear (anyone) is 25. Nothing below that is really going to protect, that is why I don't buy the 2 in one, but individuals instead. There are so many makeup products out there that include an SPF 15 or something and its just not enough, but it does sound great to those who want to save time and money. Believe me, if you care about not looking like a wet rag when you are 40, spend the little extra and buy an individual SPF 25 for your face. Please remember, that if you have an SPF 15 and add a 25 on top it does not become an SPF 40, it takes on the higher number alone, which would be 25. If you need a 40, buy a 40.

With that said, you are moisturized and sun blocked, now what? This is when you can either opt for a sheer/light weight foundation or what I prefer, just use a tinted moisturizer. I really don't want anything heavy on my face when I'm at the beach or the pool. I'm a sweaty face and when I'm wearing a heavy foundation, its like pouring water on wax. Ick! So, tinted moisturizer and separate SPF! Now, I have horrid dark circles, so I always and will forever wear concealer around my eyes. From this point I will take a raspberry-ish blusher and swipe it along my cheek bones and in the crease of my eyes, then put a lip tint on and after it dries, a moisturizer you can take with you. Lastly a tiny bit of water proof mascara and you are off!

You can wear this same face at night to go out, just add more mascara and a cherry-ish lipstick and you are finished! Remember, if you are of the darker/olivey skin tone you can also try peachy/orangey shades as well. when I used to tan, I loved using those tones, but now that I'm paler, I use the reds/pinks.

Now, here are a some tutorials by our favorite gals of Pixiwoo. One video is on Summer makeup, one on Summer pastels , one that's more for glowy summer nights), and one on self tanners. Enjoy!

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