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Based on the photo you see, you probably have a good idea what this post is about.

Lately I have had some other activities going on in my life and have neglected my blog. I apologize! At any rate, I've been racking my brain to come up with some great topics to post about. I have noticed that my posts about the "rockabilly scene" often get the most hits, so that was something to touch on again. Today, I thought I'd have lunch and start my post, but THEN, as I wait for my salad a woman walks in to pick up her take-out, with horribly dry cracked heels. ACKKK!!! That's when I knew I had to make a plea to all of you out there that neglect your feet. You are human, you should not have hooves!!!!

Okay, lemme just tell you that dry, gross, cracked feet are not only extremely disgusting, but a major pet peeve of mine. I don't like feet to begin with, so this is thee worst! I just don't understand how people don't see how gross that is! And they are the ones that are always walking around in fucking sandals!!!

This isn't my usual "how to" post, because once someone allows their feet to get this bad, there is nothing I can do...they need a professional! I have (because I'm extremely curious and not afraid to ask) asked people whats going on with their dry ass feet. Why not get a pedicure and do some at home up keep? They always respond, "I can't go in for a pedicure, it's embarrassing!", and walking around town in flip flops isn't?! Man, swallow your pride and get it done!!! If you are reeeeally that self conscious about going to the little Asian lady down the street (who will no doubt talk shit about your nasty feet, in Korean, to all the other little gals there) why not head down to your local beauty supply or even Target and get a good deep penetrating foot balm and a heavy duty pumice stone and work all that shit down a bit?

I personally don't get pro pedicures, it's a waste of money. Every time I've gone, they never do a great job and not only does it piss me off, but I'm afraid of getting infections and fungi. Besides, its kinda therapeutic for me to do my own mani/pedi at home. Yes, I'll admit that I SUCK at the polishing part, but I figure it out. Anyway, I guess I'm lucky because I don't get all that callusy grossness and hardly ever have to pumice my feet, but none the less, I still scrub them and lotion them!

Listen, if you have gross feet, take care of it, or at lease wear sneakers or something! If you have heels like the person in the picture above and you are afraid to go to a professional (I really don't even know if they cando anything for you, you might have to see a Podiatrist), then here are a few things that you can purchase and use to help the situation out. I said this wasn't a "how to", but I can't help it. Keep in mind, once you get this under control, spend the $50 and go to a really good salon and get an extensive pedicure. Take care of it, then do the up keep with these supplies and no one will ever throw up on your feet again!

TWEEZERMAN Sole Mate Pedicure Tool $20
This is a cool little invention. The "cheese grader" part is used to grade off all that dead skin and it's all contained inside like a pencil sharperner, so there's no mess! The metal part is a file to use as well. This is what you want to use to get all that rough stuff off.

TWEEZERMAN Pedicure Solutions $50

This little kit comes with all you will need to fix your feet and all the up keep. Toenail clippers, cuticle nippers, files, cuticle pusher, callus stone, wooden pedi sticks and a case. So you'll clip your nails, clip any hang nails, push back your cuticles and sand down any calluses.
BLISS Softening Socks $48

These socks are the Cadillac of socks. The have a moisure gel pad inside that delivers all this great stuff to hydrate and soften your feet and calluses. They're good for like 50 uses. Keep in mind newbies, you can pretty much get the same results (for less) by using a great moisture balm and regular socks. The best time to do this is before bed and wear the socks over night.

BLISS Foot Patrol $18
This is just an example of a exfoliating and softening cream. You can get this and wear your own socks at night. You can also moisturize with it after you shower in the morning. The key point is to moisturize constantly, that is whats going to help.

Alright nasty foot people, get to work!!!!! NO SANDALS until you have human feet again!!!

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