Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beautiful Eyebrows

Growing up I had thick dark brows that were the envy of all the women in my family. My grandmother would scold me for "coloring them in" and making them so dark, until she finally realized that they were naturally that dark. My mother encouraged me to make my one brow into two brows, that was a leap into teen hood for me. ha ha! My aunt would tell me about how thick and beautiful her brows were until she went crazy tweezing them, and now she has just remnants of what used to be, that she has to fill in with a pencil. At around age 16, one of my fashion forward goth girlfriends told me that my brows were hideously bushy and then gave me the run down on maintaining a gorgeous brow (despite the fact that she had 4 hairs total and the rest was pencil). Since then I have been a slave to balanced beautiful brows. Working in the fashion and beauty industry, my Esthetician friends always wanted to know who did my brows. The answer was always "me!" because after years of obsessing, I never let anyone else touch them. Bad brows have become a pet peeve of mine. I can not understand how people walk out of the house with lines drawn on, or brows shaped like sperm, or just nasty un-groomed caterpillars! Here are some guidelines for those of you that fall into those categories, and also for those of you that just want to learn a little more.

Here are some step by step tips for finding the right eyebrows shape.

Step 1
Use a straight edged object (a pencil or orange stick works well) and hold it vertically along the side of your nose so it reaches up to where your eyebrow starts (1.) The place where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where it should naturally start.

Step 2
Use the pencil again, look straight ahead and line up the pencil with the center of your pupil. The place where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where your arch should naturally start (2.).

Step 3
Hold the pencil at a diagonal from the outer corner of your eye to the corner of your nose so it extends up over your eyebrow. The place where the pencil meets your eyebrow is where your brow should end naturally (3).

Step 4
Repeat the steps for your other eye.

How To Tweeze Eyebrows Step By Step

The best time to tweeze eyebrows is after a hot bath since your pores will be wide open.
Make sure you have enough light to see every hair and exactly what you’re doing and you don’t end up taking out a hair you didn’t want to. A magnifying mirror is great for being able to zone in on every little hair.

Step 1 - Brush the eyebrows up and away to show the natural shape.
Step 2 - Use your fingers to hold the area above the eyebrow taut.
Step 3 - Using the tweezers, grip the hair as close to the root as possible.
Step 4 - Pull it out in the direction in which the hair grows with one swift motion.
Step 5 - Tweeze the hairs moving back and forth between the brows to make sure they stay balanced.
Step 6 - Wipe the area with a little toner on a cotton ball to close your pores.

Simple Tips For Eyebrow Tweezing

1. Use smooth fast movements to remove the hair (less pain for you).
2. Numb the area with ice or skin numbing cream.
3. Only remove one hair at a time for the least amount of pain.
4. Use white eyeliner pencil to mark the hairs you want to remove.
5. Unless yours are very bushy, never pluck eyebrows from the top.

Eyebrow Grooming Step by Step
Well kept eyebrows make you look gorgeous without any makeup at all! They give your face structure and make it look more balanced. Properly arched and groomed eyebrows open up your eyes making them look bright and youthful. Here are the two eyebrow grooming steps to take yours from bushy to breathtaking.

Step 1
Use a brow brush to smooth them out by brushing upwards and outwards.
If you do it that way it gives your eyebrow the most natural flow. Using a brow brush also gets extra powder and foundation out of your brow hairs.

Step 2
After you’ve brushed them properly you can set them by using a clear brow gel or clear mascara.
That will help you to control the hairs and keep them from going where ever they please.

Simple Tips For Eyebrow Grooming
After you’ve combed the brows up and out you might notice some of the hairs stick out further than they should. A quick and easy solution for this is to trim your brows with a brow trimming scissor.
Take the brow scissor and holding it horizontally carefully snip the extra length from the top of your brows.
Finish it off by brushing through your brows one more time then set your brows with a gel to make the hairs lie down completely.




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Good luck and happy tweezing!!!!

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