Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fashion For The Guys

Okay, I know I focus on women's fashion, but I do have a past in men's clothing (I worked for an Italian manufacturing company that manufactured for Valentino, Armani, Ungaro, etc.). So I thought I'd do a post that was informative for the guys and fun for the gals!

Guys are always complaining that there just isn't enough diversity in men's' fashion, and I totally agree. Something else that I've heard from guys is, "How come girls can find inexpensive clothing, but all guys clothing is expensive?" So I'm here to not only give you guys an example of a man with GREAT style, but to also introduce you to a couple places that sell guys clothing for reasonable to inexpensive prices.

In my opinion, David Beckham is thee perfect man! Why you ask? Not only is he a fabulous dresser, he always has great hair, he looks good with or without facial hair, he's always very neat, he changes his look and it always fits, he has gorgeous tattoos that work (they aren't a mish mash of crap), he has a beautiful body, he's athletic, he's a fantastic father and husband, he has great taste in cars, annnnd he's rollin' in cash! Oh, and he's British! So here we go with some examples of what I just explained.....

Here are a few stores that are in the area and offer great options for guys at reasonable prices. I did choose pieces that work with David's look...don't be shocked if you like them! HA!


Standard Denim Roll Sleeve Work Shirt $48

Salt Valley Long Sleeve Wind Plaid Western Shirt $48

Koto Roadster Cardigan $48

MG Black Label Sprint Jacket $158

MG Black Label Full Zip Hoodie $78

BDG Patterned Shrunken Blazer $68

East West Messenger Bag $48

Woven Plaid Scarf $19

Speazy Oversized Beanie $28

Hype Aviators $14


Basic Crew Neck T $5.90

Jock Cardigan $16.90

Classic Plaid Snap Shirt $24.90

Striped Hooded Pullover $19.90

Modern Metro Jacket $34.90

Buffalo Check Messenger Bag $23.90

Aviator Sunglasses $5.90

all clothing currently available


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