Friday, March 19, 2010

MODCLOTH for my girls

Some of you may have heard of the website MODCLOTH. If you haven't, it's kinda like Urban Outfitters. I happen to think it's a little bit better clothing wise though. When I first found this site, it reminding me of my girlfriends Selina my Love, Sarah Rosenbud, and Jessica "Gizzy" Lee. Plus they have a lot of the retro era I love. Here are some examples of great shit from this website. Oh, they do carry vintage clothing, but my MAJOR complaint is that the whole lot, except usually one item, is listed as sold. Total BUMMER!!!


  1. Loving the black and white one shouldered dress - it's absolutely gorgeous!


  2. Hi Fashion Therapy,
    Thanks for featuring us on your blog! We appreciate the support. I understand your frustration with the sold out items, its kind of a give and take with carrying such awesome items! We work with small, independent designers mostly, so they're only able to produce small amounts. We however have a 'notify me of restock' feature. Have you signed up for that??

    Thanks again for the post and being a fan!
    <3 Aire